See and manage your course as never before with ProShop Radar


The ProShop Radar SM program and mobile app (patent pending) show where everyone is, in real time, on the golf course. Pro staff, caddymasters, and general managers can see, manage, and message members, caddies, and greenskeepers based on real-time locations. Members, staff, and owners can view activity remotely, from anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of cart-based systems. Members download one mobile app once - this shows where they are on their approved golf campus locations, otherwise, members are automatically invisible off-course. Course and member usage data can be analyzed to show course use patterns.

  • Reduced bottlenecks from slow play and lower marshalling expense
  • Improved course management for outings and regular play
  • Enhanced messaging and remote course monitoring and overall experience for golfers
  • Score all types of tournaments and outings remotely and provide live leaderboards to golfers and spectators or any interested parties via the Internet

About us

The ProShop Radar SM program (patent pending) was developed by golf professionals for golf professionals. It is the only hand-held product which allows professionals to see real-time activity levels on their courses remotely from anywhere there is internet access. Access to the ProShop Radar SM website is available immediately, for all courses, in any country, at a fraction of the cost of cart-based systems, and can be implemented remotely online in less than 2 hours.